Sweat Log

July 28th – Aug 3rd.

28th – Rest day! Went to visit some new apartments for my job! Walked around the city (2-3ish miles) for lunch, some exploring, and dinner!

29th– Woke up early for some fasted cardio. 20 mins elliptical. 20 mins circuit full body random workout, 10 mins 1 min sprint 1 min walk on treadmill.

30th – 30 min fasted tabata workout from gettinmyhealthyon!


30 min interval elliptical (2 min low resistance , 2 min medium with backward pedal, 2 min high resistance) x 5, 15 min random body workout, 10 min high incline walk.

31st- Barre class (kicked my butt!!), 2 mile slow run to test my running shoes with shin splints.

1st – 1.5 mile run to pilates, 1 hr pilates springboard class, 1 mile run back.

2nd- 3 mile run to cycling class. 75 min cycle and strength class.

3rd and 4th lifting heavy boxes, cleaning, moving, building room shelves, unpacking workout in itself.

5threst. 5 min plank and 5 min bride hold.

6th2 a days. Am: 20 min tabata and 8.5 mile bike ride. Pm. Mile run, Pilates and bootcamp class, mile run back.

7th barre class maybe a bike ride. Last day before I officially move so celebrating!

Long Blog Break While I was transitioning into the work field / being busy /ext.

Nov. 17-23rd

17th – Active Rest Day – 55 mins on elliptical while watching Netflix

18th-  3 mile lunch break walk and stadium stairs, 30 min arc trainer, and 45 min barre class

19th- 45 min steady state cardio // 45 min HIIT Kettlebell workout

20th- Pilates class

21st- 45 min steady cardio // body pump class

22nd- HIIT Treadmill Run  (see workout page for details) // 20 min tabata workout

23rd- 5 mile run

24th- 45 min elliptical, 15 min 5 rep heavy weight full body lift, 20 min Nike APP “lean pioneer” workout while watching football, 10 min HIIT jumprope workout while waiting for dinner to cook.

25th- 45 min fasted cardio, 20 min sprints on treadmill, 45 min barre class

26th- 45 min fasted cardio, body pump or spin and pump class

27th- Repeated HIIT treadmill run maybe some ab work

28th –  Traveling to DC / Thanksgiving off

29th- Hopefully 5k run / walk around DC

30th – Traveling off

December 1st – 7th

1stgoing to a cycle stuido I use to attend when I lived with my parents, they just opened a new row studio so I am taking their 60 min row and strength class before I head back home! Off with the Flu

2nd – Flu off

3rd- Flu Off

4th- Faste d cardio / body pump

5th- 45 Min Elliptical

6th- Off Flu came back

7th- Off Flu

December 8th – 14th 

8th-  2 mile run / body pump

9th- 20 min HIIT on elliptical, kettle bell and heavy weight circuit

10th- 40 min fasted carido on elliptical / 25 min HIIT on stairstepper / 35 min cycle class

11th- 20 min HIIT / tabata cardio workout / body pump

12th- 40 HIIT treadmill run / 15 min ab workout

13th- Body pump / 15 min HIIT cardio

14th- Long run planned if weather permits

Dec 29th – Jan 4th

29th:  Off
30th: 50 min fasted elliptical cardio / Fitness blender 450 rep workout / 15 min strength HITT
31st: Marathon training 3.1 mile run + 30 min stair stepper
Jan 1st : Marathon training 4 mile run + arms ab work
Jan 2nd: Marathon training 3.1 mile run + 30 min stair stepper or
Jan 3rd:  Body Pump + 15 min row
4th: Marathon training long run


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