Hello! My name is Giselle! I am a twenty one year old college graduate / young professional from Ohio! I currently in transition from the college lifestyle to my first real career.  I began this blog to document keeping up a healthy lifestyle while balancing my busy life of a full time job, attending grad school, training to be a group fitness instructor, and keeping a social life. I have enjoyed reading fitness and health blogs for years and finally decided to create one after my friends requested for me to post recipes and workouts .

Behind the Name:


From as far back as I could remember, I’ve always had a sweet tooth. I would look forward to my nightly “snack time” with my father as we would watch our favorite shows together and eat our snack with a milk race at the end. As I grew older, and nutrition and fitness came into my life I started to stray away from the sweets.  When I became very interested in weight loss and looking “fit”, my ultimate goal was to find recipes that would still let me have that satisfying sweet tooth craving yet were as healthy as possible. I’ve created many wonderful recipes that even my dad said were good, but not sure if they will ever be as satisfying as oreos and milk 🙂


From as far back as I can remember, I have always been active. Growing up I played softball, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, and swimming. Once I entered high school, only volleyball and softball seemed to stick and that was my main focus of fitness in my life. Going into my junior summer softball league, I broke my leg that caused me to miss summer volleyball tryouts. In order to take up all my free time, I decided to become a lifeguard that gave me access to a free gym membership. Suddenly, I was opened up to a whole new world of fitness besides just playing sports. I began experiencing with weights and cardio machines, started swimming more, and suddenly began to drop a lot of weight.  Thus, my love for sweating emerged. These days I have probably tried almost every type there is out there. From strength, to completing my first marathon, to cross-fit, barre, hot yoga, spinning, HIIT, and much more! I have really enjoyed the sweats in my life!


Being an only child, I grew up doing a lot of things alone. Not saying this is a bad thing as I have become a very independent person. I know what makes me happy and things I need to do to put me in a good mood. I have learned that moments to myself are the best for inner peace with my body. With all the stress in my life and trying to be a twenty-something living in the professional world, self indulgences are everything when I can get them!

Thank you for coming to my site and I hope you enjoy my journey of sweats and workouts, my not so healthy sweet tooth (even though I try to create healthier versions of sweet indulgences), and myself as I enter the “real world”.


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