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2014 Goals


Can you believe it? Happy Last Friday of 2013!!!! Seriously, so crazy this year is coming to end.

As you saw in my 2013 Goals  , I definitely feel like I accomplished a lot. However, being some who always strives for more and is never satisfied (working on it, I know that’s not a good thing), I have set the bar even hire for 2014. So, lets jump into it!

  1. Run a marathon – If I start this Monday and follow this plan , I could at least train the 16 out of the 18 weeks before running my alma mater’s marathon on April 13th! I know I know I have never even done a half before, but I have ran 13.2 miles before. According to Hal Higdon, if you can run 16 miles….you can run a marathon. I am only 2.8 miles from that. I can do it, but I am just hesitant because last year around this time I tried training for a half and got shins splints from treadmill winter training to pavement spring training and couldn’t be better in time. Welp guess I have 2 days to figure it out.
  2. Become a group fitness or body pump or rpm or spinning instructor – Still researching this one to determine which certification would be most useful / fun / money making to do part-time with my full time job and part time grad school work. I’m thinking RPM and Body pump because you are sponsored by a gym and most likely allowed to get a job straight after where as group fit and spinning most gyms want experience + cert before they will hire you. I’ll get those after I work with Les Mills. 🙂
  3. Host a full on dinner party- Yes, I am talking apps, dinner, dessert, drinks the whole deal. With all homemade recipes by me and of course all healthy and clean! I made half of christmas dinner this year and loved the feeling of my dad and grandpa who hate healthy food going back for seconds of my balsamic Brussels sprouts, vegan carrot cake, paleo blueberry french toast casserole, and paleo cookies.
  4. Take a vacation – Where? Don’t know…. When? Couldn’t tell ya. But its been 2 years and I didn’t do anything for myself after graduating college / getting my first job and deserve it. Ill keep looking at the groupon deals 🙂
  5. Bring the abs back  – If I don’t do the marathon, I am going to focus on less cardio and more lifting to see how my body changes. I’ve never been able to stray away from long cardio sessions, and I would love to see how my body changes and if its true that you do not need all the cardio to achieve the body image you want.
  6. Try something new – I am in a new city and want to find friends that have common interest as me! Maybe a cooking club? Maybe a wine tasting club? Who knows, but I am determined to go out of my comfort zone.
  7. Become closer to my mom – During my college years, I strayed away from my mom. It was hard because she worked during the day and I worked at nights so we never had time to talk when I needed to and my dad always had his phone on him at work so he was easier to reach. Later in the year when we both worked during the day, I talked to my mom more. We have become so much closer since I moved offically away from her and she has truly become one of my best friends. I am looking forward to spending more time with her and trying new things we both love to do. Hello wine country :)!
  8. Stress less, be happy more – I really want to stop taking everything so seriously and learn to laugh off my stress. Life is too short to be stressed out all the time.
  9. Find nice rich boy who loves to cook, workout, have fun without all the excess drinking like most post-grads do, and is serious about their life professionally and socially –  Lol YEAH right, but it would be nice to start dating again….
  10. Go back to school – Yes I am starting grad school this January, but it is just general classes because I am not sure what I want to do. I know I have passions in dietetics, nutrition, fitness, and health / business and unfortunately that major doesn’t come into one. I need to pick a focus and consider my options. Almost all would require me to attend school full time (especially If I am thinking RD). I really miss school…and I am only 21. I can work my whole life, but I don’t think I have the full option to go to school my whole life. Espically,  if I continue my career life or even start a family with out more tie downs being in the way.

Okay okay I’ll stop there! Cause I am sure if I sat here for another 2 hours I would have a list of 100 things. 

What are your 2014 goals? Have you though of them yet? DO you want to do something then the traditional eat better / lose weight?



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2013 Goals

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the long delay, I had the flu the second I got home from DC for Thanksgiving and have been recovering ever since.

The flu I had was very strange though. I guess its the “strain” that is going around this year. I didn’t get sick or have bad bowel movements like you usually do. I had sharp, and i mean SHARP, stomach pains, fever, aches (I was super sore for no reason), weakness, nausea, and tired all the time. Yeah, I know it sounded like MONO to me too, but after fighting the flu for 5 days then finally sucking it up and going to the doctors… she told me it was the 7 day flu.

Anyways, I am all better know and just trying to gain my strength back and getting into my weekly work routine! Sadly, with the flu it caused me to lose a few pounds….not eating much will do that to ya, so my body has been out of wack this whole week. I have been snacking and craving carbs like no other. Which is good because when I went to the doctors my BMI / weight was actually recorded as underweight…so I am trying to gain at least 10 pounds. I know…. what women in their right mind would want to gain weight? Me my friend, right over here. However, I want to do it the healthy way….maybe even try to add some more muscle weight instead of fat weight! We will see which comes first as one of my goals of 2014 :)!

Speaking of goals, I thought it would be fun to reflect on the ones I set in 2013 to see how far I have come…or didn’t come!

13 goals of 2013 

  • Run a 5k – Ran the St. Pattys Jingle with a friend on St. Patrick’s day.
  • Run a 10k – Unofficial but I count it because I ran 6.2 miles without stopping
  • Run a half marathon – Sadly, I signed up for one to do when I came back to college after my internship in early Spring… but after training for it on a treadmill all winter, running outside gave me shin splints real fast. So I had to cancel the Athens half marathon. However, I unofficially ran 13.2 miles in October, so I am checking this off my list too.
  • Squat my weight – Still working on this one. Im only around 105 squat weight. Almost there!
  • Gain semi-ish abs – Done! I didn’t want the full on 6 pack, that just doesn’t look right to me on a women. Good for you if you have a 6 pack though, thats such a hard thing to accomplish as a women because we carry much more fat then men! However, I achieved the sculpt look I wanted late 2013… of course not during bikini season.
  • Swim a mile – This was accomplished when I got shin splints and took on some cross training until they went away. I took on swimming because it was the 2nd best form of cardio I know. I used to swim a lot when I was a lifeguard, but just got back into it during my shin splint time. It took me a few weeks, but I was finally able to do it! Boy, was it tiring and super hard to do…for me at least.
  • Reduce my bulk running leg look – I should just accept the fact my legs will always be “bulky”. I have runners legs and I am proud…ish. Aka not accomplished in 2013
  • Eat Clean / Paleo – I started this journey when I got my first job after college and could afford more groceries and clean eating foods. I tried to “eat healthy” as much as I could in college, but typically frozen healthish meals and vegetables were all the fit the college budget. Now, I have made many paleo or clean meals and am loving every minute of cooking and trying new things!
  • Try cooking more meals / eating out less – Again, accomplished after college. I am loving making meals at home….then again I also love finding “clean” / paleo / vegan / raw restaurants around Columbus and getting take out.
  • Run a marathon- Honestly, I think I could accomplish this if I wanted too… but I think it is rediclious the amount of my money they charge to sign up for a marathon. All you recieve is a t-shirt and a medal… That is not worth 150$. I would however pay for a special marathon like Disney Princess or Rock and Roll because there is much more to it! Sadly, you need to sign up a year + in advance to get into those. Ugh
  • Eat less sugar / sweets –  I think I need to accept the fact that sugar and sweets will always be somewhat in my life. I did the 21 sugar detox and still avoid things like stevia or dairy that I use to regularly have in my coffee / greek yogurt. That was doable for me. But, the whole giving up FROYO / mugcakes / sweets at work parties was just too hard. I love having FROYO on saturday nights. Yet, I know it sparks a sugar rush in my body because I have is to rarely and I tend to have a bunch of treats beyond my froyo…. but hey one of my goals for 2014 is to gain some type of weight so maybe I’ll take the guilt away for a while and no care as much. I really need to accept that If I eat 80% clean (which I normally always do), then 20% of the time I can have what I want, aka sweets. There’s another goal for 2014.
  • Try new types of workout classes – I guess I can say I accomplished this one lol – I’ve tried yoga, hot yoga, barre, rowing (yes its a class), body pump, rpm, and cross-fit. All were awesome types of classes. I wish I made more money where I can make them regular things I do… One day.
  • Take personal time and work on being more happy- This again will always be a journey for me. I am the type of person once I reach a goal, I make a new one right away. I have accomplished so many goals above that  I should be happy about and even celebrate. However, I haven’t celebrated my accomplishments as much as I should.  Not only fitness and health related but socially, professionally, and academically, this year was the biggest change of my exsistance. I went from an internship, to graduating a year early, to moving to a city on my own, to starting my first real job.  I should be so happy with myself, but here I am already making new goals for myself to be better. I can’t say its a bad thing I am like this, but I really need to stop and be happy for where I am. I think I am going to schedule a massage or a whole bottle of wine to myself something to celebrate. Maybe even schedule a vacation when I get more vaca time at work :).


Since this post is already long enough, I will stop there. Reflecting on my 2013 goals was a great thing for my personal self. My blog is not only about sweats and sweets, but the self part is a huge aspect too. We should all focus on ourselves just a little more…. if we aren’t mentally or psychically happy how can we make the ones we love around us happy? Just some food for thought!


What were your 20113 goals? Did you accomplish any? Are there some you still need to work on for next year?

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Life lately

Sorry for the Mia! This weekend was beyond crazy!

On Friday my mom and I headed down to my college apartment to pack and clean and move to my old apartment.

Tiring. Intense. Hard Workout. Come to mind when I think about how long and exhausting it was. You never realize what all you have until you start to pack! My clothes alone almost filled my parents SUV!

Anyways, so Friday and Saturday were spent cleaning and packing ( non stop 8 hours) while Sunday was unpacking shopping and trying to put my room together. That alone was from 8am – midnight literally non stop. So needless to say Monday I was sore and tired and needed a break. I spent the day grocery shopping with my mom and watching a whole season of Friday night lights (well almost)!

How was your weekend?

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