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Weekend Recap + Weekly Plan

Can you believe it? The last weekend of 2013 is almost over. Needless to say, I went out with a bang. Lets recap shall we?


I love early morning workouts on Friday. It puts me in a great mood and sets the mark for a great weekend to come. I did a 10 min walk / run on the treadmill, but my knee feeling rather weak from a spinning the day before, so I hopped on the elliptical and finished another 15 mins of cardio. After, I headed up stairs for my favorite class, Body Pump.

ImageAh, never gets old. I went light on the leg track though and focused on upper body since my knees were being weird. After, I hopped in the shower, got ready for work real quick, then sprinted to Starbucks to try a new drink I combo I heard about.

Stuft Mama’s Starbucks Drink

Basically it is a green tea soy latte, no syrup, 2 pumps sf vanilla, two shots of expresso, extra hot. I basically died and went to heaven and have been craving one ever since…

The rest of the day was spent at work then home to clean and do laundry while preparing for a friend to come the next day:


Well, the morning started off great. I woke up early, finished cleaning, and made it outside for my marathon training day #2 plan of 7 miles.  It was a little slower then I wanted, around 1:02 but I blame the harsh wind, my runny nose, and having to stop to tie my shoes on the extra minutes.


Afterwards, I quickly hopped in the shower and headed to Trader Joes to do some grocery shopping for my meal prep Sundays.

Sadly, on my way home from TJ I was sitting at a red light and the car behind me was slammed into causing him to hit me and me to hit the car in front of me. The car is slightly damanged and I spent an hour waiting for the police to not show up because they were “short staffed”, a pounding headache that is still there, and in desperate need of a drink.

Finally, I got home and hurried to get dressed for my friend to arrive. We went to college together and it was nice to finally catch up with someone that I have things in common with :)! We went to a local mall that has a dine in movie option that allows us to have drinks / dinner while watching the movie! I had a drink or two while seeing Anchorman, but kept my eating clean with an order of their hummus and veggie app and a few bites of chicken nachos that he ordered. After, we went to a Mexican restaurant and decided it would be smart to get a picture of margarita mix. We literally finished 1/2 and decided it was way too sweet to drink. I am glad I only had 1/4 of it and again kept my eating clean with a fajita salad.  Later, we went back to my apartment complex and went to the bar that is inside. Its awesome to have a bar that is walking distance from my house. I had a vodak soda and then called it a night with drinking. I am very proud of myself for not indulging in bad food like I normally do when I drink….guess that makes up for the bad drink choices I made :).


Sunday was spent like my typical Sundays. I woke up, had my coffee and made my grocery list for meal prepping. Said goodbye to my friend and scarily drove my car to the grocery store despite it being damaged from the accident. I know that was dumb, but I literally had 0 food and would be in such a bad mood if I wasn’t able to meal prep for the week. I also had guilt for not going to the gym to “burn drink calories off”, but as part of my NY 2014 goals, I need to listen to my body….and my body said REST after my 7 mile run / knee acting up. So I  spent it meal prepping, watching too much Netflix, going on a grocery run for my sick roommate, making a bomb dinner, and making a bomb dessert (quest cookies and protein ice cream).. It was a pretty successful day in my book. I am glad I took that rest day because I know I have a weird week coming up with it being new years and all / dealing with insurance and car issues.

Okay, I think I have talked too much…. here is my weekly meal / fitness plan!

Meal Plan:

* First, I consider Sundays to be a clean eating day so I can use Friday nights as a less strict day if I want too 🙂

Sunday: Baked coconut crusted salmon, roasted Brussels sprouts and broccoli, sweet potato
Monday: Zoodles with my pretty new sprializer santa brought me + speg squash mixed in + TJ turkey meatballs + side salad or leftover roasted brussel sprouts
Tuesday: NYE sushi / veggie stir fry with aunt
Wednesday: same as monday
Thursday: Stir fry
Friday:  TJ Salmon burger with sprializer sweet potato fries
Saturday: TBD


Sunday:  Off
Monday: 50 min fasted elliptical cardio / Fitness blender 450 rep workout / 15 min strength HITT
Tuesday: Marathon training 3.1 mile run + 30 min stair stepper
Wednesday: Marathon training 4 mile run + arms ab work
Thursday: Marathon training 3.1 mile run + 30 min stair stepper or
Friday:  Body Pump
Saturday: Marathon training long run

Talk to you soon!

How was your weekend?


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