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Marathon Series



Well first before I get into the post, I should apologize for my lack of 5+ months of not blogging. I do have a very good reason though! So right after the holidays I was in search of a workout plan I could follow to help shed those holiday pounds and give me a challenge. I thought about doing Jamie Easton’s bodybuilding routine, taking up a barre membership, and even joining cross-fit. While discussing this with an old college friend, she gave me the advice of training for a marathon. I know right, a MARATHON? 26.2 miles of non-stop running where the most I ever ran was 6-7 miles that included lots of walking and breaks. There was no way, but hey I wanted a challenge and this was it. So, I went for it. 

As of last Sunday, May 18th 2014, I completed my first marathon. 


It was the one of the greatest experiences and one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my twenty one years of living. It has only been two days since I crossed that finish line and I’m already searching for my second marathon to sign-up for. 


So after 18+ weeks of full on training, I thought it would be great to post every week how I accomplished this goal. So I hope you enjoy these and please comment below on what questions you may have on running a marathon and I will answer them in post to come! 

Stay tuned there is much to talk about! 


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