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Froyo Love

So if you haven’t noticed by the title of my blog, I enjoy sweets. When I first started fitness and eating healthy (another post on that soon), my way of keeping myself from going crazy was eating a healthy (ish) dessert. I experimented with things like frozen banana ice cream, greek yogurts, dark chocolate, quest bars, and vegan bakery. Side note, I try not to eat desserts every night but a little frozen Greek yogurt helps keep me satisfied and not binging from “restricting”. It also helps that full fat and milk riched sweets really upset my stomach so I can only opt for healthy desserts anyways.
However, Being summertime (although I eat this year round), my number one guilty pleasure is frozen yogurt. I have made my own versions at home and looking to purchase an ice cream / fro yo maker, but nothing beats a trip to get some froyo.


I mean how good does that look?! Also, how expensive do you think that is, has anyone actually filled it up that high before?! I applaud you if you have!

The sad thing is based on what most people called disorder eating, I tend to feel so guilty about eating this. I workout and eat clean all day so I know this will do almost nothing to my body, but I still feel guilty. It’s something I need to overcome. Yet for now, it’s summer and I love my refreshing treat. Hey at least it’s healthier then ice cream right?!

Do you have a guilty pleasure? How do you keep yourself from too much sweets? Do you follow the 80/20 diet that is 80% clean and 20% unhealthy? I think it’s the best way to keep one happy and healthy at the same time! What do you think?


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