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Meal Prepping

Since I finally am settled in my apartment and job in Columbus, I have sort-of have a routine on Sundays. It typically goes wake up with some coffee, plan meals for the week, go grocery shopping, workout if it’s not a rest day, then meal prep. Call me crazy, but I love prepping all my meals on Sunday. I literally do not have to worry about it after a long work day and about what I will eat when I get home. My meal prepping allows me to come home, workout, shower, pack my lunch for the next day, eat, and relax all within 2-3 hours. Its awesome. I have tried so many new recipes that are clean and healthy and I actually look forward to eating everyday.

All though my meals typically change based on what I’m craving, I always make the following:

1. Hard boil eggs 
2. Pre-cut veggies packed in Tupperware for easy to pack lunches for the week
3. Pre-washed salad (kale, spinach, romaine) mixed in Tupperware for easy salad lunches for the week
4. Pre-cut apple slices and mixed pb2 / protein powder / coconut milk mix for a pre-workout meal at work.

After I do all that, which by the way takes 30 mins tops, I prepare some meals for the week.

Here are some past meals I’ve prepped / created for the week. If you want the recipes, please comment below so I can make separate post about them! 

Spaghetti Squash Pizza with vegan cheese / sausage / pepperoni 



Garlic Basil Spaghetti Squash with Tuna Meatballs (Yes Tuna not Turkey)



Recreated Whole Foods 3 Squash Soup / Pumpkin Soup with Paleo Cornbread




Mexican Cali-flower Rice, Tortilla Crusted Tilapia, Oven Roasted Fajita Veggies




Typically Thursday or Friday’s are always stir-fry days because I do BodyPump on Thursday nights and am too tired (and can’t lift my arms from heavy weights that class makes me do) to make anything else if there are not leftovers from meals and Friday’s I still consider “clean eating days” (Saturday is my “cheat or splurge” day), so I really not want to cook after a long week . How easy is taking a huge bag of asian veggies ($5.99 for a “family pack” at Aldis), steaming quinoa with seasoning, letting that cook for 20 mins while I shower, and then adding some Trader Joe’s sauces and hot sauce? I’ve had it maybe once a week for the last 3 months and I am still not sick of it! 


Literally, I will make 2 meals for the week + stir fry and I have a week of clean eats! It is so easy, saves me money so I am not overspending on “extra” food from not planning my meals right, and keeps me feeling great that I ate healthy all week! 


Do you meal prep? If so, what is your go to items each week? 



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