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Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog! Today I wanted to focus on my current struggle, shin splints.

Gosh, it all started in January when I began my internship and the only equipment the “free” gym offered was a treadmill, stair climber, some elliptical, and a free weight section that the men lived at. After purchasing my polar watch (my favorite workout equipment ever) I noticed that my typical “elliptical slave workout” burned so little calories then I thought it did! So, I tried running. At first i started slow, maybe a jog and walk, but within a week and the help of Pinterest running interval workouts, I was to get a high calorie burn!


So this went on until the end of Marchand I finished my internship allowing me to go back to college and run on the nice outdoor bike paths we had. From my training I was able to run distance with no problem! I felt great and accomplished like no other.

Maybe it was because I increased my mileage so quickly, or because I didn’t update my running shoes after 300ish miles, but I began to feel a weird pain in my shins. Better known as a runners worst enemy, shin splints.

At first,I ignored the weird pains and kept running. Then it got to the point where the pain hurt every time I started to jog so I introduced some swimming, tabatas, kettlebell workouts, and more rest. However, the pain never really went away…

Forward to this week when I finally decided to see a running specialist about my problem! Gosh were they ever so helpful! First I was told about compression socks (pictured above as the black things around my legs) which literally hug your calves so tight the pain goes away! I was also introduced to my new love, a barefoot style running shoe. I will do another post on this later with a full review because I’m still testing them! But let me just tell you not only have the socks and new shoes have helped but cross training has been key to my recovery. Low impact swimming, barre, Pilates, and elliptical have all been on the agenda (see sweat log) and my shins have been loving it! I am so happy my pain is finally going away!

Sorry for such a long post. Ps here’s a sneak peak of my new running shoes :).



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